Friday, June 19, 2009

Richard Raw - They Don't Know [2008]

1. Intro: Sidewalk Loveaffair (Prod. By J. Dilla)
2. Can't Stop (Prod. By Hezekiah For 3 Crates Porn)
3. That Aint Gangsta (Prod. By Main Ingredient)
4. Roc Wit Me (Prod. By Dan Detora)
5. Live From The Hood (Prod. By Shag-1)
feat. Omniscient/Phamous
6. Like That
7. 19802 (Prod. By Richard Raw) feat. Dro Hethen
8. My Time (Prod. By Main Ingredient)
9. Testify (Prod. By MikeJMusic)
10. Dear Father (Prod. By Dan Detora)
11. Not My Type feat. New Edition
12. Your Love (Prod. By Illcid) feat. Eleon
13. Dreams/Rainbows (Prod. By Richard Raw)
14. Yes, Yes, Yall (Prod. By Richard Raw/MikeJMusic)
15. My Click (Prod. By MikeJMusic)
feat. Kaz/Big Baby

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